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The Pyredown Picaresque
Volume III, Fortune’s Bend Edition

Have you heard the news? Anbara is looking at a new venue for their next Great Games – Fortune’s Bend! If the location is deemed suitable, this will be the first time in recorded history that a Great Game has occurred outside of the kingdom itself!

The word on the street is that they are sending Mando el Afandi, a favorite of the queen, to evaluate the site. As part of the evaluation, Fortune’s Bend will play host to two sets of games. At one in the afternoon, Mando will introduce Anbara’s Seat of Archery, Osahar Chuma, who will be lead challenger in a series of archery and range games. Following that, at two thirty, Mando will introduce the Eye of the Ibis, a professional gladiator team who will act as challengers in the melee games.

The venue test is being sponsored by the Rues-renowned factory, Lord Adad’s glassworks, and the final melee round will be for the sponsor’s prize, a sum worthy of the blood that will be spilled! Come one, come all, make bets or try your luck!

In addition to the honor of the Anbaran games, Fortune’s Bend will be doubly honored with the dinner attendance of Lady Regent Miria Onnathea of Inlyrico, and the Lady Regent Lyrenna Silvia of Shiara, who will attend the neutral territory to discuss peace between their regencies in the wake of the Sende Trial, the conflict surrounding the Proposal for Decency, and no small number of skirmishes.

If politics over supper is not your bag, you may then be interested to know that the area’s most learned arcane minds will be meeting directly after breakfast to discuss the year’s developments. Those of similar arcane bent are invited to join them and learn.

As well as things are going for the miracle town, things outside it are looking troubled still. The poor crop of autumn made a drastic recovery late in the season, but it was curtailed by the sudden onslaught of cold and frost – it promises to be a very nasty winter. The masses of walking dead sent to test the conviction of the faithful are unaffected by the cold and now have allies in the form of the Proctors. This ecclesiastical order has formed in just the last year, a fervent group of men and women who rally to Ravvin’s banner, eager to help Him test the faith of Rues.

Vitriol from the rivers is added to the mix, probably caused by increased imperial presence. If there were any doubt, the Vascoll want everyone to know – the rivers belong to the Vascoll! It remains to be seen how Pyredown will react to this increased fervor.

And last, in the Strange but True category… have you heard about the corpses in the Shade? I’m no scholar, but I wasn’t even aware that Shade beings could die, much less leave behind pale, icky corpses. It sure makes me glad that I’m out here and not in there!

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If you have signed up for or are interested in a class this season, please see the following schedule. I’m excited to announce the addition of a new class that any are welcome to attend. I have included the description below – I’d highly recommend it.

NEW! Structures and Organization in Secular and Devout Commissions/Obligations
Time: Saturday, 4:00 PM
Instructor: Rancour, E.
Have you been wondering where you belong? Where to fit in? How to be just a little more faithful? This course is for you! Our knowledgeable instructor will give an overview of organizations across Rues, with a particular focus on sanctioned orders of the churches. This is your chance to learn about the options for your social and religious future!

Hands-On History
Time: Friday, 12:30 AM
Instructor: Linnaeus
Current Roster: Nuri, Braous, Godrick, Priscilla, Cag, Torgmog, Wolf

Common Worship: Religion in Rues
Time: Saturday, 1:00 PM
Instructor: Venopoulos, S.
Current Roster: Nuri, Braous, Godrick, Priscilla, Cag, Cassandra, Zarya, Vayros

Introduction to Demonology
Time: Saturday, 2:30 PM
Instructor: Nyrimil, P.
Current Roster: Nuri, Priscilla, Cag, Cassandra, Zarya, Torgmog, Rykan, Godrick, Vayros

See you in Class,

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