Teaser Jan 1213

There has been little heard from the Miracle town of Fortune’s Bend since the early winter, and the area seems gripped in a strange, sad silence. Amidst the oddness, news has come from Inlyrico that the High Patriarch of Severrin, Aaron Hawthorne, will be arriving with his entourage in the little town on the first night of the new month. The High Patriarchs do not often have time to travel, and many are wondering what new honor the citizens of the little town have earned to receive a personal visit from the most holy of Severrin’s faithful. Despite the rarity of the High Patriarch’s public appearances, it has been made known that he will accept no pilgrims, supplicants or parishioners for the duration nor brook any interruption or delay to his travel.

All over Rues the land is in the grip of the harshest winter in recent record. Even the hardiest crops that would normally defy the cold have been succumbing to frost and starved earth. The cold is unrelenting and the farmers have commented that this years frosts seem somehow malicious, and the winds angry. Many of the smaller villages are experiencing food shortages, and those with no outside resources are near to starvation. Frostbitten refugees from these tiny towns have been found shivering their way down the hard-packed roads, seeking help for their hometowns.

It was rumored in the summer that the emperor had blessed the union of a young noble couple, the first blessing given by the new emperor. Not much was known at the time, but now the announcement has spread like wildfire from Pyredown. The union of Godrick Dwyre and Nassra Dwyre, an imperial blessing on their union, will take place in May when the world wakes up from the long winter. Invitations have gone out far and wide, welcoming people to the Banrion Summer Home in Pyredown to see the two families join as one. Spring is the time of new beginnings, and the political world is buzzing with rumors and theories, wondering if the marriage will even take place or if the intended will end up as star-crossed lovers in warring regencies.

A more quiet announcement was made as well, and many are watching to see how the churches will react. The emperor has created a new Advisory position, that of Arcane Advisor to His Imperial Majety, to be the guide on all matters arcane. The honor of this new position falls first on the shoulders of Katarina Musaphi, who hails from a respected family in Braeus. This marks a new level of acceptance for the arcane within Rues, a prospect that is met with eagerness by some and trepidation by others. No matter how their opinion falls on the arcane, many believe it to be a risky move for a relatively young and unestablished emperor.

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