Teaser May 1213

Despite being in the waning months of Spring you wouldn’t quite know it. Rain has been falling steadily for the past week now. Like the weather, the news around Rues is of mostly a dreary hue with but scant bright spots shining through the grey haze cast across the heavens.

Plague has come suddenly to the land showing no regard for mortal boundaries. It has no known cure, cares not for age or gender, and strikes with no discernible pattern. The common folk have taken to calling it the Emerald Pox on account of the sickly green pustules which can be found on the corpses of its victims. The Church’s response has been to send in well-armed troops to investigate.

What news comes out of the Wild Nation is particularly dire. With each passing month the death toll rises as the Undead which have amassed within the Imba’nire Forest gain more ground. While no single Tribe has been wiped out Crow Tribe has suffered some staggering losses. No one has been able to uncover where they are coming from or what motivates them to slaughter the people of the forest. Some scholars have started to hypothesize that at the current estimated rated of death the Wild Nation will not survive the coming Winter without some sort of aid.

The bright, sunny ray of hope at this time is the upcoming wedding of Godrick and Nassra Dwyre, of the Inlyrican and Shiaran Dwyre’s respectively. The wedding will take place at 3 PM on Saturday at the Pyredown Estate of Lord Alomaine Banrion of Shiara. All residents of Fortune’s Bend are welcome to attend. Feel free, but not obligated, to bring a gift.

One last note…word has spread around Fortune’s Bend that all mages, and those aspiring to learn magic, are welcome to attend a gathering upon the uppermost floor of the Tavern directly after breakfast on Saturday morning.

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