Teaser May 1214

Along the cliffs and crags that define the coastal edge of Volbrecht, the seas have turned violently angry. They crash against the rocky promontories with vengeful strength, white spray from the waves sometimes reaching as high as the Krugs on top of their mesas. Some folks say that it is caused by heavy storms far out on the ocean. Others say it is the same monsters of the deep that make sea travel impossible, tossing and rolling under the water. Still others say that it is a further test of the Genesori, sent alongside the tests of Ravvin. Imperial and church officials have offered no answers yet, and so the people of the Brechtish coast just watch and prepare while the waves grow larger.

The Council of Regents has been called, and in rare form, many of the Regents have responded to the call in person rather than allowing their councilors to hold the floor. Reports from Pyredown suggest that, once again, it’s all about the Proposal for Decency. After weeks of what one satirist called “dog-fighting in the pit of amendments,” the Proposal for Decency has been passed as imperial law in a new, amended format. The long-ranging effects of this legislation remain to be seen, but some are certain that it will still lead to a split among the more orthodox and more liberal regencies in the empire.

For now, each regency is working with the churches and Chappelarie to form its first Boards of Patronage in the large cities. These bodies will be the ones who review and categorize the artwork according their nature and worth. Oliver Arrawny of the Chappelarie is overseeing the process, supported by Matriarch Rosilta of the church of Garioch, who has been elected as the chief justice of the Proposal and is in charge of facilitating cooperation between the churches and the Chappelarie on as the Proposal becomes a reality.

Many artists are understandably uneasy about this development. The text of the newly revised proposal has not been widely circulated and there is much uncertainty among the artist community about what will soon be permissible and impermissible. There have been several hastily arranged artistic displays and showings as artists try to get their more challenging material out to the public before it falls under the purview of the Boards of Patronage.

Even in the aftermath of its passing, many of the regents have remained in Fort Firetol while the laws are put into practice. What exactly they are discussing has not been shared, but word on the grounds is that the discussions have been heated.

Though not attracting as much attention as the new legislation, the miracle town of Fortune’s Bend has not escaped the news. There are whispers that the Anbaran games may not be held there after all, after the game’s ambassadors were rebuffed. While the rumors are still only rumors, it has caused a number of the town’s initial critics to repeat their earlier skepticism, that a truly neutral territory was an impossible feat for such a mixed group of townsfolk.

Of course, all of this gossip is easier to come by in the larger settlements, which are the exception in the empire. All across the land in the towns and villages, most citizens still have their eyes turned toward the churches or Chappelarie, hoping and praying for guidance on how the tests of the Genesori might be passed before the angelic horde appears at their gates.

Scholars warn that the trouble is not only in Rues. There continue to be unexplained deaths in the Shade, which, even stranger, leave behind pale corpses. No one knows what to make of it, but those who study the Shade have expressed grave concerns about what could cause such a bizarre occurrence.

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