Teaser Nov 1213

The tests of the Genesori, administered by Ravvin, continue to appear across Rues. So far there is no discernible pattern to the appearance of the undead, and every town and city remains fearful that their home will be the next target. The effects are definitely noticeable now, especially in outlying farms whose fields lay untended, crops rotting in the ground. The Chappelarie has quelled the fear somewhat, their ministers traveling far and wide to distribute information on how Ravvin’s tests will be passed. Their early successes have been often repeated, though a few villages have also been lost. Oliver Arrawny of the Chappelarie has issued a statement that their ministers can teach, but it is upon the people themselves to learn and to to turn their knowledge into armaments against the ravages of the test.

In addition, all across Rues, those farms that have remained intact have reported smaller harvests than in years past. Crops that reached maturity without incident were lost during the harvesting process, leaving farmers confused and storehouses only half full. It was remarked upon by several farmers as being “plain weird.”

Word from Pyredown speaks of the sudden illness that has taken both the imperial Chief Inspector Camilla Giovanizzi as well as the Quartermaster Prime, Laudus Giovanizzi. The pair exhibit similar symptoms and are presumed to have encountered the same contagions. Reports from their bedside indicate the others in their family have fallen ill as well. Outpourings of sympathy have come to Pyredown in response, showing the respect and love that accumulated by the long-serving family.

The people of Fortune’s Bend were able to assist the Wild Nation in stopping the advance of the undead within the forest. Missionaries from Inlyrico report that no more ground has been lost to the creatures, nor has any been gained. The last two weeks have been marked by a curious silence from the ranks of the Bled, a welcome respite but also a worrisome herald.

Within Inlyrico itself, they celebrated the joyous occasion of the Lady Regent Miria Onnathea’s wedding to her long-time Councilor, Brother Parvell Keane. It was remarked that the wedding’s beauty outshone all those that came before, and the joy of the genesori at the union was made clear by a strong wind that came and rang the highest and heaviest bells of the cathedral. It is expected that Brother Keane will soon retire from his place on the Council of Regents to attend to his new duties within Inlyrico.

Of interest to the scholarly community is the successful opening of the Annex of Isou University in Fortune’s Bend, and the accompanying resumption of the archaeological exploration of the area. Artifacts are being tended by the Aussengaurd and will be available for study and learning by all Isou students. In addition, the people of Fortune’s Bend will be able to pursue their own education while remaining as protectors of the neutral territory. The first three classes being offered by the annex include Professor Higginbottom’s Introduction to the Shade at 1PM on Saturday, Professor Damiano’s course on Magic at 4PM, and Professor Venopoulos’ History of Fortune’s Bend class at 9PM. The university has been asked how it plans to run classes on time in the notoriously chaotic climate of Fortune’s Bend, and their response was “We’ll do our best. We hope to make things happen on time, of course, but students in this particular venue have so much else to do that is important. We trust they will not let our class schedule keep them from those things.”

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