Teaser Nov 1214

While the tests of the Genesori continue across the lands, reports of skirmishes from the forgotten realm of Drakkenspar are cropping up. While several small conflicts have occurred between the forces of the various nations and Drakkenspar, things have been relatively quiet thus far. The word among the populace is that perhaps Drakkenspar is “all bark and no bite”. It has been said, however, from those amongst the inner circles of the military tacticians of Volbrecht that this may be just the calm before the storm.

In religious news, it has been rumored that the temple of Severrin in Fortune’s Bend has received numerous donations as of late and that it now houses the bones of a Saint. It is even said that several followers of Severrin have begun to make their pilgrimage to the renowned site to see the remains for themselves. A census in recent months has been conducted on the tithing from each church. It seems that on average the Churches of Jormic, Koreel, and Istarum have shown to have received more generous reports of tithing whereas the churches of Severrin and Garioch have held steady at a modest amount. The Church of Koreel still battles against the cult known as the Order of Azrah. Although it seems that their numbers have diminished, the group has become brazen in their efforts and has gone as far as attempting to force entry into the High Church itself. It is reported that the Church is now on high alert.

After a sabbatical, Lyrenna Silvia has reappeared on the Shiaran political scene with a vengeance. Within the last few weeks she has commissioned an unusual number of artistic works of all types, though with a heavy leaning toward songs. She has stated a purpose of reinvigorating the art world in the wake of the Laws of Decency and once again unifying the art world across the nations. In a bold first step, the majority of her commissioned work was given to Braeic artists rather than those of her home regency.

Hey, those rumors are back – there might be some Anbaran games hosted in Fortune’s Bend! Once again the queen’s favorite, Mando el Afandi, is scheduled to make an appearance in the little town to work out some details. Get your betting markers ready!

With the capture of their leader, the Brechtish rebel group known as the Dirt Warriors have been lashing out desperately, targeting small holdings and laying ambushes on roads. Their attacks have become almost arbitrary, as of the nine knights and warlords they have killed, only two were outspoken against serf rights, and one was even a known proponent of serf literacy. This has caused many of the warlords of Volbrecht to demand jurisdiction from the empire to retrieve the leaders of the Freeman’s Movement from Fort Hawksclaw.

Trade with the Underholm has slowed significantly, with little explanation. Traders stationed near the major exits from the Underholm report that many fewer caravans are coming to the surface, and those that do are being waylaid by officials from the Churches of Severrin and Garioch, only released after some manner of inspection. Ambassador Volos Vondran has given a public statement when asked about this situation, stating that nothing is out of the ordinary and the Ereskial Oligarchy happily complies with the needs of the Churches, as they too are faithful of the Genesori.

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