3. Teaser Oct 1211

In the intervening months Rues has been aflame with debate, fiery sermon, and Crusade. The only land that has been quiet is that of the “Wild Nation”. They have begun settling in for the winter; a winter they predict to be harsh and tumultuous. The Empire and Federation have been discussing the Proposal for Decency put forth by Brother Parvell Keene of Inlyrico. Both nations have also been in deep and often heated discussion regarding the future legal status of Fortune’s Bend and which nation will claim ultimate ownership. Talk throughout the land is that of war. Young men and women have left their homes to join the Crusade against the blaspheming Al’tiesh.

Inlyrico, with its churches in support, is calling for the ratification of the Proposal for Decency. If ratified it would require all artistic endeavors to be passed through the church for review and, if deemed necessary, censorship. It has been met with secular opposition and the time of decision is soon at hand.

The Church of Istarum has called upon its militant faithful to rid the land of the Al’tiesh, once and for all. Once the call of Crusade went out the other churches quickly followed suit and joined with the Church of Istarum. What started with a sermon quickly turned into a full scale operation. There are no longer any places for the Al’tiesh to hide.

The Al’tiesh have concentrated their number and started a bloody push for Fortune’s Bend. The military minds of the Crusade are confused by their seemingly suicidal march. Why would such a potent foe choose to push for the taking of ground which would allow their enemy to surround them completely?

Lastly, the Damiano Family has made a substantial donation to the various churches as well as to the tavern within Fortune’s Bend in appreciation of all of the hard work the heroes have done in combatting the Twin Demon Threat. No adventurer within Fortune’s Bend will have to pay for tithing or food this gathering thanks to the generosity of the esteemed Damiano Family.

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