Teaser Sept 1214

Throughout the summer months, reports of undead activity have spread across Rues as the tests of the Genesori continue. It seems as though Ravvin has set his most recent stage for the tests in the Underholme and it has been said that those denizens have not been successful thus far. The Underholme, as well as other areas, have been rife with plague as pockets of this affliction have begun popping up throughout the lands. In other news, word has come down from Patriarch Krassus of the High Church of Koreel that a cult referred to as the “Order of Azrah” has been marked as a Blasphemous Cult. All members of this cult should be regarded as Blasphemers and as dangerous enemies of the Genesori for their sacrilegious views of The Keeper of the Sacred Earth and their actions against the Church. The faithful of Koreel in Fortune’s Bend are to thank for having this cult identified and set to be dismantled. OOG Notes We’re looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend, but there are a few important notes we’d like to share about this upcoming event. 1. This weekend will be hot. Please take the proper precautions by drinking plenty of water! Speaking of water, Numina staff would like to solicit donations for cases of bottled water for CP! Please send an email to spice_mwe@yahoo.com to let us know if you can donate a case or two. Thank you in advance! 2. Players should make every effort to make opening ceremonies or send a reliable representative with a good understanding of rules. 3. This event the plague has become an imminent threat. Players might be tainted with Pox points during this event, or degrees of Pox. Characters may feel that something unfortunate will happen if they get too many points/degrees of Pox inflicted upon them. 4. Each time you are affected by an “Inflict Pox” effect you will gain one degree of Pox. Each time you receive a “Cure Pox” effect you will be cleansed of one degree of Pox from your total. If you ever reach seven total points you are consumed by Pox. Turn to spirit and go to monster camp. More information will be released at Opening Ceremonies and during the course of the game. We apologize in advance if this occurs. 5. In addition, places of plague may appear during the event in certain areas. These places of plague will have bits of green light. Players who fall onto these chasms, step into them, reach over them to attack something on the other side with a melee weapon, or attempt to pass through them will gain one degree of Pox. You probably don’t want to do this.

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