Words from Fate 2

IMG_0079If I do not do this, if I do not sacrifice, I can still see. The future is clear. It is short and sharp. Magic’s world will break and take the mortals with it. In his absence we will persist in a wasteland of gods and ghosts. We will remain, but without purpose. There must be purpose.
It is no longer my calling to design that purpose and place our children like sentries to see it carried out. It is my calling now to do the most beautiful and fearsome thing of all, and let it go. Spread across the whole of the world, sacrosanct inside their fragile forms, it will be enough to hold the world together if they choose. I can not see this future and what they will choose to do, if they will choose to pull you from the claws of madness. All I can say is that they can. They are my final gift to you.