Garioch Gazette 1215-09-04


The Garioch
– Bringing You All The News That’s Fit To Print Since 1214 –
Weather: Forecast Calls for
Vol. 2
Plenty of Rain and Spiders Friday, September 4 th
Issue 2
Powerful Water
Elementals Attack
Fortune’s Bend
Another massive
attack on the city of
Fortune’s Bend has
occurred, this time
with assistance from
Water Elementals.
Water Elementals
and creatures from
beneath the waves
have been a growing
source of concern
since the massive raid against the nation of Volbrecht
during the spring last year.
As loyal readers may recall, casters attempted to destroy
the very nation of Volbrecht by drowning it beneath the
seas but were defeated by a loose confederation of noble
soldiers and heroic citizens who had traveled from
Fortune’s Bend to stem the tide.
However, though the threat against Volbrecht was halted,
there have been other similar attacks.
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Wild Nations Seek
Formal Lands and
During the last Gathering a group of citizens from
Fortune’s Bend were invited to meet with Quiet Eagle, the
Chief-of-Chiefs of the Wild Nations broke bread with these
citizens and feasted with them, thanking them on
behalf of his people for the help that Fortune’s Bend has offered the Wild Nations so
In addition to the thanks that Quiet Eagle has expressed, he also asked them for
further assistance with his people from the people Fortune’s Bend.
The Chief-of-Chief’s is asking for help with the establishment of a formal place
inside the bounds of the Empire with land that is set aside and protected as land which
is reserved specifically for the people of the Wild Nations.
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Page 2 The Garioch Gazette
There’s A New Priestess In
The Church of Garioch Recently
Appointed New Reverend Mother
to Fortune’s Bend
The loss of F ather
Edward Giovanizzi to
the citizens of
Fortune’s Bend is
indeed a grievous
one felt by all of the
Although we
shall certainly miss
his cheerful
enthusiasm, the
Church has
appointed a new
agent to watch over
and guide the
people on the
teachings and the
will of The Shaper.
The newly
appointed priestess
is one Gralen
Leatherby, a noble
Elf from the
Federated Kingdom of the Selda’niré; of the Arcos Caste.
The Reverend Mother spent only a short while in
Fortune’s Bend during the last Gathering. However, during
that time this reporter was struck with her calm dignity and
pleasant demeanor. Exploring the town and its somewhat
unusual landmarks such as Death’s Gate and the various
ancient landmarks near the five temples just south of the river’s mouth.
As of yet there has been no word about the particular tenets of the Faith that
the Reverend Mother shall be preaching; whether or not her sermons will focus more
on T he Doctrines Of Unity or perhaps other more specific homilies dedicated to the
particular needs of the more unique difficulties that Fortune’s Bend often endures.
With the Church of Garioch becoming larger and more diverse with each
Gathering it is certain that whatever her she has to say and teach there will certainly be
an audience eager to hear her wisdom.
Citizens wishing to identify the Reverend Mother should keep their eyes open
for an Elf with honey-colored hair; a long, turquoise-colored jacket, and well-crafted
For those of you who are interested in learning more of the beliefs of the
Church of Garioch, or exploring your faith in general, all are urged to find and meet
with the Reverend Mother.
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Page 3
– From the Editor –
Well, it’s been an exciting year. For those of you who aren’t in “The Know”, this is the
first copy of the Garioch Gazette to be delivered to Fortune’s Bend formally, and I
have to say, I’m pretty pleased with the results so far.
Of course, I’d like to offer my thanks to all the people who made this edition
possible – of course, you all know who you are, but for now I’ll keep things quiet so as
not to spark any “Imperial Entanglements”, as they say. But accolades and pats on the
back aside, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what we’ve seen so far, especially
some of the more unusual issues and have begun to wonder about possible
connections. Of course, there’s no point in hinting at details when I could just lay
them out, so let’s get to it!
So in the past year we’ve seen some nasty attacks from forces related to water
elementals and aquans; and problems like with water threats have kept on coming,
from the attack on Volbrecht about a year ago and up to that attack when the Alentina
rose up and caused all that havock during the last Gathering.
So here’s a thought; is it possible that folk from Drakkenspar are doing a lot of
attacks that seem to be trying to shift the waters around near certain places for a
reason besides just causing trouble? Of course, I’m no expert here and I’m probably
way off, but I’m curious if it’s possible that all this nonsense they’re causing is just so
that they might be able to unearth more arcane fonts and maybe try to gain more
magical power to become more powerful.
Now that’s just a hunch; I don’t know that for sure, but if my magical power
was augmented by arcane fonts, you can be sure I’d like to find more of them,
especially if they were destroyed or maybe hidden when the land was shifted around.
Here’s another fun idea to “tinker” around with – what if they’re maybe
looking to shift waters around to find the location of the location of Valya Seere? You
know; that island that’s surrounded by magical storms that prevent ships from
entering it, and the same island which protects the magical citadel in the center? And
in case you forgot, Valya Seere was also the same island that heroes traveled to and
discovered the Ritual of Life (which was a pretty powerful ritual).
Now again, this is all just guesswork; but if I was an Arcane Caster looking for a
stronghold filled with magical power (or a place I could learn how to boost my power)
then I might just think of heading there. And if that island was protected by magical
storms on the surface of the water then I might think of learning to travel under the
waters using aquans and water elementals to do it.
While I’m at it, here’s another fun tidbit to chew over: as brutal and horrible as
the Entropic Pulse was, and as much as I dislike the Sparrians – the Entropy Sphere’s
real handy to have when fighting Undead. Right now we’re dealing with a lot of
Undead and all of a sudden we see a lot of Sparrians (you know, the same guys who
used the Entropic Pulse in the old days) popping up all over the place who may be
looking to find a way to do another magical ritual.
Is it possible that a ritual similar to the Entropic Pulse might be used to deal
with the growing threat of Undead that’s rising, kind of on a global scale?
So now I got to ask myself – “Are all Sparrians evil, or just some of them?” –
“Are there casters, both good and bad, that are looking for ways to boost their magic
using any means necessary, including looking for new arcane fonts by exploring
underwater?” – “Is it possible that some good casters are also looking to boost their
magic so they can combat the growing Undead threat by possibly performing a new
Entropic Ritual even though the end results may be ugly?” and (assuming these
questions might actually be on the right track), here’s the big question:
“If casters have a plan to get rid of the Undead using a powerful ritual that
utilizes Entropic Magic, would those same casters come forth and lay their cards on
the table, trying to get help from the Empire and the Federation; or, are they still so
nervous about hate and prejudice against their craft that they keep their motives quiet
simply out of fear, thereby confusing everyone?”
Anyhow, like I mentioned before, I don’t really know much here, all that you
read above is mainly just me making a few hunches on some crazy theories. But I’ll
say this: the only thing I know for sure is that you don’t find out answers without
asking questions.
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Page 4
Rare Cosmological Events Draw
With many threats rising all over the face of Rues, one
wonders what may be prompting the sudden emergence of
these strange and dark powers. Naturally there are many
theories that are grounded in solid proof; but some
speculate the inspiration from attacks and other threats
could be motivated by elements that are more unorthodox
and possibly bordering on the metaphysical.
Many scholars in Rues are finding themselves
looking toward the skies more frequently; studying the
stars and noting the constellations and strange occurrences
that have happened in the heavens. Of course, there are
many things that occur in the heavens besides just the stars
and perhaps the most noted of them is the moon itself.
As everyone knows, there will be a partial Lunar Eclipse shortly after the next
Gathering; specifically on the 13 th of this month. While it is true that most of the
people of Rues will not be able to see this astrological occurrence, this partial eclipse
can best be seen below the equator;
the path of which expands in a gentle
arc over the eastern side of the lower
In short, it will be best noticed over
the very same land that was once a
kingdom long ago, before it became a
If these occurrences are not enough
to interest you, consider that on the
28 th of this month a Blood Moon shall
be visible. This is a rare astrological
occurrence, in which a Total Lunar
Eclipse has occurred. This shall be
the forth such Total Lunar Eclipse
since April 15, 1214.
Is there a possible connection between this event and the sudden discovery of
an active private organization seeking for rare artifacts (often considered cursed)
which was kept at a museum and had the symbol of “The Cult of the Moonless Night”?
If there is indeed a coloration between a sudden interest in this dark cult and
the actual appearance of four Blood Moons in roughly eighteen months than it is
likely that members of the Faith who wish to hunt cultists should keep their eyes open
and explore this possibility carefully.
Page 5 The Garioch Gazette
Page 5
Knowing the Types of Undead and
Their Powers
In the past year the citizens of Fortune’s Bend have been
attacked by more and more undead. During these attacks
the citizens have noticed a marked consistency with both
the nature of the undead and various powers connected to
A special thanks to the wisdom and lore of one Darthurus Swiftfoot, sometimes
known as “Swift”, a Veteran Warrior with the 505 Division of the Empire as well as a
self-proclaimed “Ultimate Bad-Ass”; his information have helped to identify the
Undead, and hopefully to better understand them on the field of battle.
When fighting Undead, remember that their abilities are linked to how they
died. Therefore, a Purposed Race who had bled to death, either because of battle or
simply through an accident, is one that comes back as “The Bled”. Of course, there are
other ways to die and all of those deaths come unique powers to plague you if you
encounter them.
Anguished: Those who have suffered and whose suffering led to their ultimate
demise. Their power is to cause “Agony” in those who assail them.
Bled: Those who have bled to death. When they are damaged they can “heal”
that damage by regaining their “health” by tasting fresh blood that is on
their weapons.
Mangled: Those who have died as a result of massive internal injuries or broken
bones. Typically these are covered with bruises; often their rotting flesh
seems “Black and Blue”. Be careful of them, as they can Maim those
who they attack.
Ravenous: Having starved, they hunger in death; some say they can “Frenzy” and
other say can use “Disease”. Whatever the case, be wary when fighting
with them.
Smothered: These have died from lack of air. Some have drowned, some have been
smothered by mud and rock (such as being buried alive) and some
simply have died from smoke inhalation. They are able to use “Silence”
on you.
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