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The Garioch
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Vol. 2
Just kidding, it’s Fortune’s Bend! Friday, November 20 th
Issue 3
Ravvin’s Recent Assault
During the last Gathering the
town of Fortune’s Bend was called
upon to take action against
Ravvin; recently called The
Unlike a previous engagement with
the rouge Archangel, Ravvin
was defeated with almost no
loss of life from the town itself.
The massive success of the
town in this engagement had many
factors, including the brilliant
tacticians who did what
they could to assure the most
efficient strategy was employed.
Beyond the excellent tactics and
skill which was practiced by the heroic warriors during the fight was the
use of solid, oldfashioned,
combat fundamentals.
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Leviathan Attacks
Fortune’s Bend
During the last Gathering
the people of Fortune’s
Bend were attacked by a
massive creature from
beneath the deep called
The Leviathan.
The citizens who helped
beat back this monstrous
creature were first asked to
aid a pair of Sirens in the
rescue of their sister,
Berryl, who had been held by what were called “Dark Sirens” and other creatures which were called
“Corrupted Water Elementals”.
The people of Fortune’s Bend rallied to the aid of these innocents and did what they could to stop
the assault from the Leviathan. After an
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Leviathan Returned to The
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epic struggle the Sirens were successful in their efforts in soothing the
Leviathan back into its slumber by using a powerful Incantation.
During a brief interview with Berryl, the recently recovered Siren
sister, it was revealed that the Leviathan is a creature from The Shade. Those
citizens who are interested in learning more about the Leviathan would likely
be able to find out more by questioning scholars who have studied that
Further questions remain, however.
This is the second attack on Fortune’s Bend in the past two
Gatherings from creatures that live below the surface of the sea. In addition,
the use of “Corrupted Water Elementals” seems consistent with the assault on
Volbrecht roughly a year ago when a powerful caster seemed to have
attempted to try to drown that nation with massive storms and flooding;
flooding which was augmented by Water Elementals.
In addition, the presence of Sirens moving on the surface of Rues
and interacting with the citizens of Fortune’s Bend, as well as the multiple
seemingly coincidental attacks on the land of Rues from undersea threats begs
a series of questions about what citizens truly know about what is beneath the
Various Priests of Garioch are considering preparing a formal
request to the Emperor to fund and sanction a proper expedition to explore the
depths of the waters. Minor expeditions have occurred in the past as specific
tools crafted by Tinkers allowed heroes to explore the depths of the ocean
floor for brief amounts of time.
But with multiple attacks from the oceans coupled with threats from
the waters are increasing it might be useful for both the Empire and The
Federation to find new allies beneath the surface of the ocean. There is also
substantial circumstantial evidence which suggests that the seas and waters of
Rues had been altered on a global scale in the past to seriously affect the
surface during cataclysmic times. With so many dark issues looming, it seems
very likely that a concentrated expedition beneath the sea might prove useful
in the future.
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T he Garioch
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Direction in Town
During the most recent visit from the Reverend Mother the patrons of the Church of Garioch met to discuss
their goals, dreams and ambitions for the future of the Church in Fortune’s Bend .
Several ideas where brought forth, including the possibility of creating or discovering an artifact
of power which could be carried into the field of battle and used to fuel the powers of the Faithful when
their powers start to wane far from Holy Temples.
In addition to these efforts the clergy also discussed the possibility of having a more direct
connection with Imperial matters and the government of the Empire on a national level.
A final point of discussion centered on the issue of
slavery in the Church as well as the Empire as a whole.
One of the Faithful took a surprising position and
extolled the virtues of slavery, much to the consternation of the other parishioners. In response to the open
support of slavery, Father Cutter argued that slavery was the denial of free will, and therefore preventing
Purposed Races from pursuing their Purpose and should be opposed with any means necessary.
However, the majority of the Church seemed to be of a more neutral ground on this matter.
“I stand opposed to illegal slavery, but am tolerant of legal slavery as the law demands,” said Godrick Dwyre
when asked on his opinion about slavery and the suggestion of using direct action to prevent it.
Dwyre’s position reflected the feelings of most of the Parishioners, who were opposed to the evils of slavery,
but showed a level of courtesy for the values of other nations and respected the integrity of Imperial Law.
Another Victory for the Living
Against the Dead
from Ravvin Attack Page 1
Shield walls were well positioned and utilized; holding the line firmly so that casters and range
fighters could attack from safety. Healers continued to move back and forth behind the wounded, taking an
injured warrior from his position to minister to his needs while his brothers shifted positions to hold the line
and field commanders kept their squads in check, but they also made sure that the company that they
worked with was in sync with the other commanders and units on the field; none of them advancing too far
forward and opening the lines to being breached, and none of them letting a gap open up or the citizens as a
whole feel pressed, but in the end, Ravvin’s forces were pushed back and the saved for another day.
Congratulations to all of those who fought that day; your efforts shall not be forgotten!
Meanwhile, during the time between the last Gathering and this one Ravvin’s armies have
responded and pushed through lands that are not as well defended with the winter months coming. As
Ravvin pushes his armies forward to achieve his dark ends the general consensus is that Ravvin is seeking
power and is trying to usurp Severrin and take his place.
In one of the skirmishes during the last Gathering some citizens had challenged Ravvin verbally
telling him that the Genesori listen to the faithful and hear our prayers. According to witnesses on the field,
Ravvin gave the scornful response – “No he doesn’t!”
While this seems like the mocking from an enemy trying to erode hope, could it also be a valuable
clue regarding Ravvin’s motivations? Is it possible that Ravvin himself feels somehow estranged from the
Genesori? Perhaps Ravvin no longer feels that the Genesori hear him, or value him, as they once did? With
so much focus and attention placed on Death herself, perhaps Ravvin has felt that his own duties and efforts
have been forgotten and ignored?
While defeating Ravvin outright in pitched battle may be the most logical solution, another
possibility may be to attempt to create a true reconciliation between Ravvin and the Genesori as a whole; to
convince Ravvin that the Genesori do hear him and that his Purpose with them does matter.
The idea of helping Ravvin reconcile whatever issues which he may have with his creators and
healing Ravvin’s own inner wounds may seem far too lenient a judgment on a being who has committed
such heinous crimes. But if the Faithful are truly dedicated to healing the troubles of Rues, the possibility of
helping Ravvin recognize his sin, repent of his deeds and seek absolution may be one worth considering.
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Considerations on Combat and
A recent rash of assaults has begun on the townships of both Western Breaus and Inlyrico near the borders
of the Batterklast Mountains. The attacks are largely from Ravvin’s forces and have been spreading out
quickly and to devastating effect along the border between these two nations.
Many folk will recall that Ravvin’s army had attacked many places throughout the Underholme
recently; specifically Ereskial settlements. While the Ereskial’s main thoroughfare between the
Underholme and the surface is near Anbara, it is not too surprising that if Ravvin’s forces had been under
the Batterklast Mountains assailing the Underhome that the Usurper would elect to have his army push onto
the surface in the north of Rues and far away from heavily guarded exits near Anbara. Further, his advance
would put the main thrust of his army right between two nations and their lightly manned borders.
As to why Ravvin’s forces have not pushed harder during the winter months so far, most tacticians
would suspect that Ravvin is likely planning on spending the winter “recruiting” more warriors. After all,
given the massive amount of Undead who have been seen in his ranks that were created from Disease lately
it is not surprising that during the winter months when famine and plague are more prevalent that Ravvin
can afford to slow his advance for a time and let natural causes do his recruiting for him, though certainly
this would suggest a larger assault in the spring, assuming that this is not merely the calm before the storm.
Meanwhile, as the Imperial capital is on the western side of Rues it seems unlikely that heavy
support dispatched from Pyredom will be able to curtail these advances in the northeastern
side of the
Empire fast enough.
This leaves citizens of both Inlyrico and Braeus in a difficult position as Imperial troops are
already spread thin and a lack of immediate support from the capital is likely to create a further strain on
diplomatic relations which could have a negative impact on the war effort in the future.
These concerns leave the common citizens wondering what it is that they can do to help.
The first suggestion might be to get to the bottom of the mysterious plagues that have been
causing so much concern in Rues. After all, if more of Ravvin’s forces are being enlisted by a strange
plague it seems likely that the plague and Ravvin may be connected. However, even if they are not
connected at all, eliminating a plague is certainly a task that responsible citizens should consider pursuing.
The next obvious choice is to enlist the support of military aid closer to the problem and the most
logical choice being aid from the Wild Nations. As the Wild Nations border both Inlyrico and Braeus it
seems logical to suspect that it their support was enlisted it could help contain the thrust of the army which
threatens the borders of those two nations. But whether or not the Wild Nations will offer formal support to
aid citizens who encroach on their borders remains to be seen, but if all the citizens of Rues do not unite
against this threat as a whole than it is likely that in a very short time all of them will perish one by one.
Citizens interested in helping should petition their Churches and local sources of learning to find
what, or who, is responsible for this plague and what specifically needs to be done to end it. After all, if the
plague can be fixed soon, it may be that Ravvin may have less troops in his army in the future.
In addition, citizens should also consider petitioning their local Imperial diplomats and encourage
them to take more direct steps in establishing better relations with the Wild Nations as a whole in an effort
to create a better relationship with our neighbors. Followers of S everrin and Koreel should also consider
taking direct to petition the Order of Lost Hope to do more direct work with the Wild Nations as well.
As for any neighbors of the Wild Nations; settling on the land of your neighbors without so much
as a “By your leave” is not likely to encourage the trust or support of your neighbors, and both of those
things will be needed to form a better alliance against the dangers of Ravvin’s army.
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Attacks from Mysterious Cultists
– Divine Casters and Sorians
Targeted –
During the last Gathering
there were a collection of
Cultists who had targeted and
attacked Divine Casters and
During such
skirmishes these Cultists
were able to expose such
Casters by using either magic
or some other special ability,
which suggests that their
training in combating casters
is much more intensive than
that of simple bandits.
The Cultists could
be identified by the strange
marks or tattoos that were
painted on their faces and some have suggested that they are Sparians; or more specifically that they have
come from the former nation of Drakkenspar.
Drakkenspar was once a mighty kingdom but was destroyed long ago when it was reduced to a
country less inhospitable than the desert of Byse. It has been suggested that the destruction was connected
to a concentrated attack on Arcane Casters on a global scale and this attack not only destroyed Arcane
Casters and multiple Arcane Fonts, but it also destroyed thousands of innocent people and reduced
Drakkenspar to a land more inhospitable than Byse.
As of now the true origin of these Cultists has not yet been determined. However, if the theories
are correct and they are indeed Sparians Spellswords then this could suggest that these cultists may have an
alternative plan or purpose then a few isolated attacks on faithful citizens.
The nation of Drakkenspar was destroyed long ago by the Entropic Pulse and it is very possible
that a modern group has determined to take deliberate steps in destroying the spread of Arcane Magic in
general. However, a more mundane theory suggests that a common tactic of any paramilitary organization
is to first eliminate any unit which can heal or revive opposition. In other words; once the healers have been
destroyed then the warriors will not be able to last very long.
Currently there is circumstantial evidence which may link this Cult with another organization
known as “The Cult of the Moonless Night”. Given the recent astrological phenomena this year (including
multiple Blood Moons and various Lunar Eclipses which could be witnessed over the former ruins of
Drakkenspar) it is possible that such a cult may be engaging in these acts for some dark ritual or evil
Meanwhile there have been increasing issues with Arcane Sanctums which have been noted and
reported. It is possible that the instability of the Fonts may be related to a more subtle attack from Sparian
Spellswords who seek to damage or destroy any Arcane Casters.
If you, or someone you know, are interested in combating threats from the “Cult of the Moonless
Night” then speak to Church Authorities or any citizen who might specialize in fighting dark cults.
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Lost Relic Discovered on the Border of Fortune’s Bend
For nearly three years there have been persistent expeditions to
discover the location of a stone which was used to mark the
original borders of Fortune’s Bend when it was originally
founded during the time of the Al’tiesh.
The stone was discovered by Bea of the Alved and Father
Cutter of Braeus during the last gathering near the edge of the
Alentina River which flanks the eastern edge of the town.
The discovery of the marker stone will likely lead to possible
further new and exciting discoveries from the Archeologist
Guild, as well as giving valuable clues regarding the nature of
the former citizens of Fortune’s Bend.
One of the more unique elements of the location of the stone was its very placement.
If an interested party was to draw a straight line directly from the entrance of Death Gates across
the northern thoroughfare of the town it would reach the summit of a hill that houses the remains of a
powerful Gate which has runes and carvings on it which are ancient. If a perpendicular line was drawn at
the halfway point between these two places and traced to the east then the stone marker would be
Theoretically, if a person was to draw a line in a western direction from the same point it is
possible that they might find a similar stone on the town’s western border.
While this theory has yet to be confirmed, further excavation may be forthcoming in the following