Pact with Death

1. The pact shall solely encompass the lands currently known as Fortune’s Bend (subsequently referred to as Pact land),
2. Within the lands of the Pact, no one nation or church shall hold sovereignty.
3. Anyone who comes in peace and does not intend harm shall be permitted to seek the wisdom contained within the lands of the Pact.
4. Individuals who are acceptable to Death and members of the current Pact may join the Pact, but are not required to do so to live in Pact lands.
5. Individuals who wish to leave the Pact shall be permitted to do so.
6. Individuals who are no longer acceptable to Death or members of the current Pact shall be able to be removed.
7. Death does not require exclusive loyalty and outside allegiances are encouraged, as is diversity of purpose.
8. The members of the Pact shall protect the Pact lands and Death’s gate in return for Death’s protection.
9. The messenger of Death shall be Salvatore Faire.