Teaser Feb 1218 #1

In port taverns and bars, devil-may-care bards with quirked smiles have been heard singing a haunting tune. The verse, it is whispered, has not been approved by the Review Boards and that only makes it more delicious. After the fall of Pyredown in the late autumn to the Exalted, aided by the traitors in Weisbaden, the song has spread across Rues like wildfire. Some use it to terrify their rapt audiences, others as a dirge for the fallen city, still others as a galvanizing anthem to rally in the aftermath of such a great loss.

“Who can find safety

when any day may be

the one when she takes you

the Lady of Keys

you pray most devoutly

each day on your knees

it won’t stop the Exalted

to accuse blasphemy

they’ll torture you slowly

saying pain sets you free

until you, truly pious

do admit blasphemy

she is proud of her actions

though evil they be

she betrays all that’s holy

the Lady of Keys

28 has she captured

so from death she may flee

they are trapped in the tower

of the Lady of Keys

if she truly were pious

if she truly believed

she would not fear her own death

the Coward of Keys”

Spreading more slowly is any news from within the sacked city or its environs. A declaration from Celinda Reeve identified the former imperial seat as “Hallowed Hills” in the same sentence that she elevated herself to Grand Illustrada. The simple people of Pyredown and the residents of Fort Firetol are assumed to be under the oppression of their new leaders.

The most concrete answers to any of the great upheavals thus far have come from the Chappelarie, who have sent criers to distribute a response to the revelation of five unknown gods.

Faithful of Rues,

From the lips of Angels and mortal Agents of the Gods, there are ten Genesori. This has caused many to reevaluate their place in the world, and question what they have known all of their lives in their faiths. This has not changed the duty the Chapellarie has taken to help any who have questions of faith without judgement. For some, the Revelation has brought answers, especially to those who felt much more connected to one aspect of their faith than another. For others, the Revelation has brought doubt for their faith was strong in the duality of worship. There is nothing wrong with these things. The Purposed Races of Rues have been granted a great gift, for the Genesori have felt we are ready to receive it. As we have grown in our faith out of the Shrouded Age, we have now stepped into what could very well become known as the Age of Revelation.

Any such great step forward shall always be met with those that wish to take advantage through fear of change. These people will roam the land and demand others remain embedded in their old ways. They will use fear and violence to try to prevent the progress the Genesori have granted us. Most do not do such out of hate, but for a love of their faith that has been a truth for their entire lives and guided them. They will see anything that is different as opposing their love, and thus must be a bad thing. In doing such, they are also denying the Genesori’s wisdom in bestowing this Revelation upon us, most likely because to accept the Truth makes them question something that they have always known. As a people we can cling to the ways of the past, or we can step upon the new path that Genesori have put in front of us.

The duality of the Genesori we have known have been revealed to have been the mantles of two Gods. The five we knew took up these mantles to preserve them for Rues until such time as they could be returned to the Genesori from whence they came. This time has finally come and we have been deemed worthy and strong enough of faith to receive this Revelation. The Genesori have anointed High Matriarchs and High Patriarchs. These people have heard the call and the Angels themselves have recognized them. They are working to spread the Revelation to all, and embody their faith as they always have. The Angels themselves have stated that it is known that some people will now find themselves drawn to different Genesori than before and that is part of our growth. The Chapellarie will help answer the questions that arise and make finding your path or reaffirming your faith as smooth and rewarding spiritually as possible. While we know the Revelation will create questions for many, we want this gift of the Genesori known to all. As such, below you will find the names of all ten Genesori, an incredibly basic, one word description of their Mantle, their Angel, and their High Patriarch or High Matriarch..

In Faith,

Godrick Dwyre

Brother of the Chapellarie


Angel – Cosima

Patriarch – Themothy Wald


Angel – Varys

Patriarch – Torvinius Char

SEVERRIN : Entropy

Angel – VACANT

Patriarch – Owen Benham

GWENNARA : Essence

Angel – Amar

Patriarch – Liam Orselli

KOREEL : Spirit

Angel – Alise

Matriarch – Phyllida Vondran

EILONA : Nature

Angel – Riel

Patriarch – Heyman Krassus

ISTARUM : Tranquility

Angel – Seifer

Matriarch – Alandra Nemethial

BAHADUR : Resolve

Angel – Aeron

Matriarch – Kiera Soshana

JORMIC : Knowledge

Angel – Vinita

Patriarch – Durante Scipio

THIACRIS : Mystery

Angel – Laylia

Matriarch – Dakota LeRange