Teaser Feb 1218 #3

To: the Purposed of Rues

From: Sister Maribeth Pargeter of the Chappelarie


The Revelation of Ten sent shockwaves throughout Rues. I have already written to address what this means for the Faitful on a personal level. In that letter, I spoke of the danger of certainty; of how quickly our certainty in what was will blind us to the reality of what is now, of how being entrenched in old ideologies will lead the Faithful to turn on one another. I have also, in previous letters, touched on my concerns that the Exalted, in their certainty, and in promoting the false security that certainty can grant, have been turning away from the Genesori’s plans for us. But my previous words did not go far enough, and now I feel I must be as unambiguous as possible:

The Exalted are dangerous, power-hungry, opportunistic traitors. They are using faith to intimidate. They are using Faith to consolidate power. They are using faith, and abusing it, for their own gratification, and in so doing wiping away all that is pure and honorable about Belief.

Belief cannot be coerced. Faith professed with a sword to one’s throat is not true faith. It is hollow, and momentary. When the sword is removed, where is faith? They are bludgeoning the Faithful with their own fears and not bringing anyone to the truth.

Nearly immediately after the Revelation of Ten, the Exalted took to questioning the Faithful as to the number of Gods. Any answer other than “Five” resulted in violence. How much clearer can it be that the Exalted have closed their eyes, ears, and hearts to the Genesori?

Beyond this, they have allied themselves with the traitors of Weissbaden and struck at the Heart of the Empire, at the Emperor himself. Emperor Mercurio was protected by the favor of the Gods. Could there be a clearer sign of who is in the right and who is in the wrong?

I know there are those within the Exalted who began with pure and faithful intent, seeking to spread faith throughout Rues. To them I say, turn around now. Open yourself to the possibilities of change. Humble yourself enough to doubt. Come home.

To the rest, I say, beware. You have shown us who you truly are. You have shown us that you do not value belief.. You value control. True Faith is stronger than the bonds you would put on it, and it will defeat you.

And to you, my Beloved Faithful, I say again to choose your Faith with love and not fear. Find your Purpose, the Genesori’s greatest gift, within yourself. Hear it, heed it, and choose.

Yours in Faith,

Sister Maribeth