Teaser Feb 1218 #4

The imperial rally to retake Pyredown met with failure. It was determined that it would be best to storm the capital from the south, through Weisbaden, while the Weisbaden troops were still engaged in sacking the smaller towns and villages. To wait longer would be to give the Exalted time to get fully entrenched and set up their own defenses.. It was a sound theory. Those troops that could be gathered in time were underprepared and underarmed due to the vast stores of their supplies behind enemy lines, but soldiers have won against even worse odds when it is their home they are fighting for.

This war was lost to the traitors. The imperial troops were significantly bolstered with a full muster of Brechtish knights, flying under the banner of Warlord Regent Volkmar. At a critical moment in the battle, four of his northern bannermen turned their blades upon him. Their knights wrought havoc among the already embattled armies of Volbrecht and Pyredown. The Warlord Regent was able to fight his way free and kill two of the four and then, injured, go on to lead the confused battlefield to a stalemate instead of a calamitous defeat.

After the fact, the two remaining warlords declared war against Volkmar and at the same time declared themselves against the traitors in Weisbaden. They cited that the warlord regent had taken their lands without besting them in battle, and then given those hereditary lands over to the ancient enemy of the Brechts, the Sparians.

On the north side of Hallowed Hills, tensions between Inlyrico and the Imba’nire forest are again on the rise. Inlyrican border towns have been raided by the tribes, and after the dead were accounted for there were still many missing. They are presumed to be prisoners of the Wild Nation, and groups from the regency, the empire, and the Federation who have been providing aid are seeking quick answers from the clans about this affront.

In the wake of the chaos, Lady Reagan Xaertes has been named the new Regent of Braeus upon the official retirement of her father Riade. She was well prepared for the position and the transition was not even a hiccup in the smooth Braen bureaucracy. The lady has named the recovery and expansion of Isou University as the priority for her first years in office.

The emperor’s Arcane Advisor Katarina Musaphi, her assistant recently disappeared, is being scrutinized for the downgrade in her performance. Others in the political circles whisper about her inexperience coming into her position, and how this flailing about was inevitable. On top of her other duties, she has recently been inundated with reports from around Rues regarding a sudden surge of demonic activity. Entropy demons especially have been reported in much greater numbers and at much greater strength, coupled with Despoilers whose normally stable magic has been behaving in unexpected ways.

Among all the change and worry, the people of Rues wonder – with Fortune’s Bend caught in the heart of Hallowed Hills, will the heroes still be able to help them?