Teaser May 1218

In a great blinding explosion, the Prayer of Revelation toppled in the middle of the stolen city of Pyredown. It burns there still, they say, a constant monument to the defeat suffered by the oppressors who still rule the city. Following the fall of the tower, a new resistance effort made itself known as Phoenix Fyre, formed from imperial loyalists trapped within the city, working against the Exalted from the inside.

Southward, the imperial city of Fort Hawksclaw has become the hub of the displaced empire, relying on Vascoll and Sparian ships to get communication and trade through and around Rues. The most daring of these captains will brave the guarded coasts of Hallowed Hills to rescue the lucky few who are able to flee the occupied territory. The pyredonian people emerge with tales of constant fear, institutionalized oppression, and brutal consequences. These stories have only enhanced the anger and distrust leveled at the Exalted and by association Weisbaden, and are passed on at the docks along with condemnations and tales of horror from the two “worst of the worst.”

Across the sands from Hawksclaw, the once-hero of Shiara, Mason Atasir, has in his absence been revealed as only a power-hungry pretender with a cold, angry heart. Stories have surface from those under his care in the Rojeur province as well as the lands that he rode across of arrogance, cruelty, and rank ambition. Bradley Lansdowne, Ereya Atasir, and the newly chosen Scion Wirth Banrion have been at the forefront of the outspoken outrage and condemnation of his actions. Mason Atasir himself, however, has not been seen in over a year.

Inlyrico, now free from the looming danger of the Prayer of Revelation, have turned their eyes to other matters. The Blessed Land and its legendary fertile soil will not receive the Blessing of Duron this year, a denial which has greatly upset the leadership of the regency. They have reached out to the Church of Terra Anima, the official name of the newly formed joint church of Eilona and Koreel, but have received no explanation.

While troubles have continued on the border of the Imba’nire forest, Endreago Ellegere has come forward as a spokesman for Lady Regent Onnathea on the matter. The attack of Inlyrican citizens and towns on the forest’s edge have been perpetrated by those who have given taken on the mark of Corruption, and cast aside their other beliefs. The Wild Nation reviles them, and so too does Inlyrico, and so they are considered a part of neither, and an enemy of both. The unification of efforts against them is hoped to bring relief to the towns along the edge that are seeing the most of these foul beings.