Teaser September 1217

With a great sigh, a patch of earth on the fields of Fortune’s Bend has fallen in, and a soft purple glow emanates from the depths. The grave has opened. Professor Higginbottom, Nightingale, and other authorities on the Shade have calmed the archaeologists and other less seasoned visitors to the miracle town on the river. It is nothing sinister, they assure, it is the Open Grave. This aspect of the Pit will sometimes align his realm to the world of Rues and allow messages to be dropped into it. These messages must be to a person or thing that has passed on or he will not accept them. If he does accept them, then the words may inspire a response. Some report visits of Astral Messengers that looked and spoke exactly as a lost loved one. Others report the resurgence of forgotten memories, or the discovery of a lost letter. Some report no response at all.

All those who wish to, though, are invited to find closure by dropping their words into the Open Grave. It is a rare occurrence, beloved of Shaman, Shadewalkers, and the sentimental. The stronger the sentiment of the message, it is said, the more likely it is to inspire a response. Most of those who try to reach their dead relatives to ask where they buried the money are typically disappointed.

The Open Grave was also a welcome relief to the flood of rumors about the Exalted. Some are saying they have attacked Fortune’s Bend. Others are saying that they have added their might to protecting it. Citizens of Rues are looking to their secular and spiritual leaders for guidance, with high passion on both sides of the argument. Whispers from Fort Firetol and Paradise promise that the head of the Chappelarrie, Sister Maribeth Pargeter, has published an open letter in direct response to the emergence of the Exalted. On their part, the Exalted have fallen quiet, their queries for aid and allies tapering to silence.

As the Imperial bureaucratic presence near Fort Hawksclaw become larger and more demanding of resources. Lord Roger Baldimaar has been recognized by the emperor for the donation of his land and assets in the time of crisis, and for his continued support of the secondary site. He has been named Prime Constable, one of the highest offices in the imperial structure. The Prime Constable serves as commander-in-chief in times of war, and a Supreme Justicier in the High Court during times of peace.

News of Drakkenspar’s alliance with the empire has spread far and wide, sparking both celebration and consternation from citizens. Weisbaden, its relationship with Drakkenspar, come to an abrupt end, have been seen bolstering their fortifications. Even Otkar Weinart, the voice of Weisbaden diplomacy, has not been seen out courting the nations.

This and more has changed in the world of late, and in order to assist people in making sense of it, Sebastian Donato of the the Academy of Diplomats will be conducting one of his periodic seminars where he will discuss the people of the world and how they can be reached. Couriers in particular are encouraged to attend in order to learn how to reach and properly address the subjects of their letters, but the seminar can be of interest to anyone who wants to learn move about the people in places of power and authority in the world. If anyone has any questions about general politics or geography and recent changes to Rues Sebastian will take any questions at the end and do his best to answer them.

More news reaching Fortune’s Bend is that, with great pleasure and much gratitude to the heroes and Harriers, that the Quarantine Camp on the edge of the Byse was able to announce that the cure for the plagues from the war had been given to the most critical cases, and are no longer in short supply. Anyone who is still carrying plague from the War of Guardian’s Glory may obtain a vial of the curative potion from their local guild.

In Polazzo, the Iron Lily continues to open its doors to the citizens of Fortunes Bend. Currently their Tea House is receiving guests for the season. For a nominal fee guests can enjoy any of several varieties of tea as well as light snacks. There are also a number of boutique varieties of tea which can be purchased for a small additional fee.

Finally, the Fairly Decent Players, an acting troupe out of Shiara, will be in Fortune’s Bend on Saturday morning to delight the townsfolk with a read-through of Percy Broquerre’s infamous play, Tea for Five. Everyone is welcome to attend and provide them with feedback for their upcoming debut tour.