5. Teaser Jan 1212

The winter in Fortune’ Bend has been mild, and yet the silence of the season reigns just as though the land were frozen. An eerie, cold aura has settled around the “miracle town” since the autumn, turning away visitors and making the livestock weak in their pastures. The faint purple glow of the Moth Gate’s protection has grown, swallowing all but the temples and a few other points into the pervasive stillness. Those who have come away say that Fortune’s Bend has the feeling of a pause in conversation, an entire area just waiting for something to break the silence.

The stillness there is punctuated by the rest of Rues, which has exploded with the recent political and philosophical conflicts. Justicier Berin Algulin has stated that nothing short of his own death will postpone the trial of Iyar Sende even one day more, and those fighting for or against the Proposal for Decency have become rabid in their support of their cause. Inlyrico has unwillingly become the stage for many of these conflicts in the wake of their decision to adopt the Proposal as regency law. Renegade troupes have been spotted all over Inlyrico, masked and costumed actors who rush into an area, perform some part of a play, poem, or song that has been banned by the Chappelarie, and just as quickly depart. The response from Inlyrico has been to set the Rose Knights to guard the most popular borders and gatehouses, searching all who pass through and detaining those who have implements of the entertainer’s trade. It is said that in particular, bards and friars have nearly disappeared from the regency streets.

From the nearby Imba’nire Forest,stories of a rising threat have been carried out by the missionaries and traders who travel the Wild Nation’s home. They have reported that some of the nomadic nation’s villages have been hit hard by a mysterious, monstrous army that sweeps in and kills everything in sight with as much carnage as possible. Elders within the forest say that the bodies of the dead are joining the armies that kill them.

It is said that Turning Day, a holiday of Garioch in which the old year is put aside for the new, will bring changes to all things. Indeed, only a few days after this holiday passed, a shocking rumor began to leak from Fort Firetol. The usual “unnamed sources” claimed that the new gem of the empire, the little town of Fortune’s Bend, may have intentions to secede from its all-powerful parent. Thus far the rumor seems confined to the capital and immediate surroundings while politicos of every stripe try to verify the truth of it. The only certainty is that there has been no official word from the palace one way or another.

6.Teaser April 1212

After a mild winter in much of Rues, the lands are buzzing with new life and the promise of a prosperous spring. Purple fields of Evelyn Eyes are popping up throughout the lands of Inlyrico and crops throughout the various regencies are being prepared as the climate rises. Spring may be bringing in warmer breezes and soft rains, but it’s not the only climate that has been changing lately.
There is a growing tension in the aftermath of the Iyar Sende trial. Skirmishes between those in favor of the Proposal for Decency and those against have been reported along the roads. In this midst of this political hotbed, Braeus has finally offered a voice in defense of Shiara. There have been no reports of reactions from the other regencies to date.

While conflicts rise in Inlyrico, forces from the Imperial Army have been seen moving closer to Fortunes Bend. It has been said that discussions involving the both the Empire and the Federation have taken place with the denizens of Fortune’s Bend. The rumors of the town’s “secession” remain unverified.

Reports of undead forces growing are coming from the Imba’nire Forests. Because of their diminishing numbers, those of the Wild Nation are slowly losing their territories to the monstrous armies that are sweeping across the lands. With the growing threat, the Empire has been reported to have offered their support; however, it appears that Wild Nation leaders have continually declined aid. Missionaries and traders still brave enough to travel the lands say that the situation has become “desperate”.

Those who frequent the woods outside of Fortune’s Bend have said that “natural anomalies” have been found recently moving in large numbers and have been aggressive when in close proximity. Few travelers have been seriously injured; however, some lesser traveled roads and paths have become increasingly difficult to pass. This has put a minor damper in commerce surrounding Fortune’s Bend and has slowed down some progress at various archeological dig sites.

Within the little town is an anomaly of a different kind. A rift opened in the earth outside the guild hall, awash in faint light. Those who came near the rift reported hearing faint moans and wails, even sometimes names being called from within the darkness. However, the mysterious rift has not yet revealed its origins or purpose to those brave enough to wander close.