Fall 1215

Leviathan friday night

Ravvin saturday night

Escorted Justin to break the locks so that drakenspar could not protect itself in the final assault.

Side notes:
Bone Witch is the one steeling the bones from shiara.
One step closer to resolving the altiesh doom arcane hunter.
War is about to break out in volbrect again someone is trying to start a war with the Empire.
Oracle gate gave a vision of the diseased undead lord in the underholm mixing blood of soulbound and the powdered dust of alved boddies to spread a plague among the alved.
There are people cheating and stealing from death within the ebon knights.
Lion knight is ready to march on Volbrect for the sake of redeeming the honour of Khamera and gaining approval of its heir.
High Patriarch of Severin was killed by Ravvin and his spirit may have been consumed much in the same way that Perdion’s was.

Teaser Feb 1215

Those who have traveled Rues lately have felt it. Streets are quiet, and folk scurry from one cover to the next like mice on the forest floor. Shops close early, and shepherds try to keep their herds close to home. In all but the largest cities, despair has gripped the nations and their people.

Just in the last month as bards and traders have made their way through the cities and back out to outskirts of civilizations, a spark of hope has followed in their wake. A message from the Miracle Town of Fortune’s Bend proclaiming a great victory, a handle to grasp for whole settlements that were drowning in fear. You are not alone, say the voices from Fortune’s Bend. Stay strong, keep your faith, and know that we stand with you.

Near its end, one line reads “Remember the teachings of the Genesori; remember that even when the night is darkest there is a light to guide you.” For many, their prayers go to the genesori, but their eyes turn toward Fortune’s Bend, and hope of aid from those who have managed to not only survive, but to turn back the tide of destruction. The document is signed simply by the Heralds of Hope.

In Fort Firetol, an unannounced meeting of the full imperial council was called, and ended with news that shocked the regencies and the churches alike. The Guardians of Virtue, the council of priests that was formed at the empire’s inception to inform the emperor on matters of faith, has been called into question. Those in the know say that the influential speaker was a member of the clergy, and most seem sure that it was someone high-ranking in the church of Garioch. Whatever was said, it is clear that for the first time in imperial history, the entrenched Guardians are on the very edge of losing their power.

The already troubled churches were once again struck when Father Edward Giovanizzi, previously best known for his assignment to Fortune’s Bend, stood in front of the holiday mass in Fort Firetol and informed the most politically connected congregation in all of Rues that the tests of Ravvin had been investigated, and that the initial analysis was wrong. He named Ravvin as a threat to every nation. He called for every faithful of the empire, the federation, and beyond to set their lives against Ravvin, for he has betrayed the heavens. He seemed to have the support of the Church of Severrin as his announcement was backed up by Charlene Greenwall, one of the advisors to High Patriarch Aaron Hawthorne of the church of Severrin.

Beneath this buzz in the political world, those with their ears trained for more occult news are whispering about something else. From every corner of Rues, but localized particularly in Shiara and Braeus, private homes and churches have been raided in the night. The target of these raids has become clear, as from each locale the only things to go missing have been bones of the ancestors entombed within the crypts and mausoleums.

In addition, an unusual figure has been spotted in taverns and on street corners, one day in Anbara, the next in Inlyrico, and a scant few hours later in a Vascoll dock. He calls himself the Trickster, and as he travels he offers games of chance to any who will play. The prizes and prices have both drawn comment, but the curious searchers have so far been left unsatisfied, as it seems impossible to predict where the Trickster will next appear.

The invasion of Drakkenspar continues, with the invader using guerrilla tactics and magics unknown to the populace of Rues. Savage Aquians raid Vascoll boats in the night leaving adrift flotillas covered in gore and viscera with few survivors to tell the tale. Spellswords, long thought eradicated, cut down the forces of Rues with their ancient magics and forgotten powers. Eyes turn to Fortune’s Bend as the populace wonders if perhaps the answer to this invasion lies within the ranks of the valiant heroes oh so often called upon to face the impossible.

Teaser Sept 1215

News tumbles from Fort Firetol like the first rocks of an avalanche. The princess Bellasara, the emperor’s sister, has gone missing while on her charity tour through Volbrecht. In the imperial capital, those who are tired of Volbrecht’s “incessant bellyaching” are calling for the emperor to put an end to the long-time coddling of the empire’s troubled son. In Volbrecht, the well-known anti-imperial Weinart and Zweig have been joined by heretofore silent bannermen such as the Waechter and the Mensch.

On the coattails of that tragedy, the age-old plague of Pyredown has returned. giant scorpions have emerged from caves and forgotten valleys to attack travelers and small towns. Their poison and pincers have already claimed lives and maimed others. The calls for help from the outlying settlements have received the imperial army is already heavily taxed fighting Ravvin’s forces and mobilizing inside Volbrecht in the search for the princess.

The burglary of sanctums and mausoleums has continued, mainly in Shiara and Braeus, with the principal target of the thieves being the revered bones held within the tombs. Many families have increased the guards on their family property and subsequently found the watchmen stricken with disease or starvation and the mausoleums raided.

Also mysterious, there have been rumors of missing children and lost parents returning home after many weeks away. Those who return speak of a great sea battle, and their freedom being granted by a beautiful woman, “The Maiden Savior” they call her as they speak tales of what horrible fates may have awaited them if not for their rescue. No one seems to know who this person is, or why she did what she did, they only know their chains were cut and they were freed, spared a life of servitude by this heroine.

Even more than before, eyes turn toward the heroes at Fortune’s Bend to contend with the terrible news and increasing odds.

Teaser 2015 June

The Nightingale sat in the Shade hidden from view, watching those who moved about the town of Fortune’s Bend. So many adventurers, all with their own stories, their own desires and goals. All of whom were aligning themselves against Ravvin. He loved to watch them, some dozed and napped, fighting was as easy to them as sleep and they went from one to the next as readily as breath. Others trained to fight harder, practicing in the field near the Alentina. Yet others read books upon books, heaped at their feet mastering spells unknown to the world at large. In the background was music from bards, and those caregivers who felt the call to bring whatever they could to the fight, to keep bellies fed and the hearth warm, in many ways, a gentle reminder of exactly what they were fighting to protect.

“Why did you call us here? You know you will suffer for it, you broke the deal we made.” The First One spoke quietly, standing next to him and observing the people.
“I’m not the sort for rules.. neither were you, remember? These people need more than I can offer. Each of us… we sacrificed something great, but our change in the world is finite.. limited, there has to be another way, I’m going to do something, and.. well, you’re not going to like it.” His tone was levied with a sort of stern determination, a focus as he watched the bards in the distance practice.

“So what do you think you’ve accomplished by bringing the realm here? What do you plan on doing?” Her stern voice caused him to recoil a bit, wary.


“It’s my mantle now Gail, and there only needs to be one of us. The realm was there so that we could come get guidance from our past selves. but we’ve been locked away. I’m going to destroy it, and put that power to better use.” He clenched his jaw, looking towards her. The others were in view in the shadows, watching him. More than the other three, but dozens in the distance in half forms. All the heroes standing and watching the town with him, spread throughout the Shade, all drawn to the realm, to the laylines of shadow he had woven like a great web across rues.
“What about the rest of us? Where will we go?”

“Phantoms and Wraiths, all of you. All dead and gone in one form or another, memories and nothing more. We don’t need to be remembered right now, we don’t need a home, we need to do something real. They’re fighting an angel, and they’ll all die if they don’t win. Besides, the Tabula Rasa forbade us from coming back anyway… I’m just keeping our end of the bargain.”

“Show me your conviction then, and we’ll see how the story unfolds. I’m not going to let you destroy it without a fight.” She unsheathed her sword and leveled it at his chest.


The Shade quaked as he faced off from the first hero, the one who stood with purpose in defiance, and paid the ultimate price… everything was silence, and for a moment a whole realm of the Shade dissipated, absorbed into his body. He smiled softly, almost sadly and leveled his bow towards her, red fletching quivering under the strain of the draw. He was nothing if not inventive, and he had planned a long time.


“You’re the First. You gave up everything for a people you love, and you were a far better person than I. Perhaps I’ll be the Last. We sacrifice, but we do not give up, we fight with everything we have and hope that it will be enough. I hope to see you again.”
The fight itself was short and brutal, neither held back, and at the end, her sword struck deep into his heart, piercing from front to back. He loosed his arrow a final time, and a groove appeared on her cheek as it sliced and flew past her wide, a pure tone ringing out as the arrow struck steel off in the distance.

“You missed.” Her words had a ghost of sadness.

“Depends on the target..I still have things to accomplish..”
As he fell, a shockwave of red fire and feathers blew out from his body, immolating his flesh to spirit. The realm of the Sacrificial Hero shattered into pieces and scattered to the wind, following laylines of shadow that he spent the past year building. They acted as guides and channels, funneling the shards deep into the very hearts of those heroes of Fortunes Bend, finding their homes and beds, hearts and souls, no matter how near or far, and the world felt an exhale as each bit of feather and flame found a new cage in the hearts of the Purposed, strengthening their spirits for the fight to come.

The First looked around as she drew her sword clean from the fading remains. For a moment she seemed resigned, almost dissapointed, but then as she looked towards the tavern she saw his arrow, neatly buried in the post under the bell of death, the knocker still swaying, she let out a light laugh and shook her head. “I see. Well… let’s play this out. I hope your faith in them is well founded.”

She slung her sword and turned, beginning to walk away..the Phantoms of the former heroes gone into the Shade in various directions. With no home to turn to, they would have to find their own way.

Somewhere in the distance, The Whipporwill began to sing in earnest, a song of dangerous joy, she was free of her cage and ready to fly.