Fall 1215

Leviathan friday night

Ravvin saturday night

Escorted Justin to break the locks so that drakenspar could not protect itself in the final assault.

Side notes:
Bone Witch is the one steeling the bones from shiara.
One step closer to resolving the altiesh doom arcane hunter.
War is about to break out in volbrect again someone is trying to start a war with the Empire.
Oracle gate gave a vision of the diseased undead lord in the underholm mixing blood of soulbound and the powdered dust of alved boddies to spread a plague among the alved.
There are people cheating and stealing from death within the ebon knights.
Lion knight is ready to march on Volbrect for the sake of redeeming the honour of Khamera and gaining approval of its heir.
High Patriarch of Severin was killed by Ravvin and his spirit may have been consumed much in the same way that Perdion’s was.

Summer 1215

Assault on The high church and the fall of nightingale

Spring 1215

Tavern gather of good time

Winter 1214

Battle against Ravvin and sucking the life out of the supreme demon of entropy

Fall 1214

Summer 1214

Spring 1214

Winter 1213

Fall 1213

Summer 1213

Disease and Plague abounds