Death, Magic and Fate

This is Swift’s unfinished retelling of the story of death, magic and fate. I will site sources where I can. Here goes.

There was once a time when this world was governed by the stars. The world and everything in it moved with the chorus of the heavens as our guiding stars danced across the skies. Everything had its calling and moved with an almost mechanical grace that even the watchmakers of Breus would stand in awe. This was a time before Purpose, before free will. I have been told what it feels like to live with no purpose of your own then to gain it. Simply put he lived his life by the call of Koreel, Her song led him through his days and nights there was no thought as to what else there was out there only living and moving with the cycle of days and seasons. One day he awoke and no longer was compelled by her call, he could hear her but could now forge his own path.(Anonymous but reliable source)

There was a singular moment in which the world changed. Three beings known as Death, Magic and Fate each played their parts in this earlier world. Death the ultimate destroyer(Sigmo), Fate the governor(Words from Fate 2), and Magic The creator(Swift’s speculation). But Magic erred, he was the being comprised of arcane and divine magics two halves that held within the Ichor(corruption) and reached within himself and drew from that Ichor. Magic and Fate came before Death to tell her what had happened. Death seeing the danger in what Magic had done did the one thing she knew how to do, Destroy. Fate seeing the only path from Magic’s total destruction stepped in the way to prevent total loss. In this Fate split into countless pieces and gifted his legacy to the mortals in the form of Purpose. He saw the Ichor set free by Magic and knew that only the mortals may combat it now. “I can not see this future and what they will choose to do, if they will choose to pull you from the claws of madness. All I can say is that they can. They are my final gift to you.” (Words from Fate 2)

Fate is part of us and we now control the course this world takes. No one person has this burden but all of us. We live and die in a world that does not have natural ends, Death herself can never be sure if it is our time to die and must rely on her children(Celestials) and the hope given her by Fate that we are living to make this world better.

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