Notes: Higgenbottoms Astrology 101

List of the main realms of the shade

  • Broken City
  • Killing fields
  • Faraway Isle
  • Crossroads
  • (Swift Side Note: Primordial is part of the borderlands of the shade where the Primes tend to reside. Sited source Brother Talbot)

List of Paired Celestials

  • The Prisoner(Broken City) & The Priest(Killing Fields)
  • The Maiden(Broken City) & The Jewel(Faraway Isle)
  • The Eagle(Broken City) & The Owl(Killing Fields)
  • The Arrow(Broken City) & The archer(Broken City)
  • The Lamb(Broken City) & The Ox(Broken City)
  • The Wife(Broken City) & The Lioness(Faraway Isle)
  • The Wall(Broken City) & The Sentinel(Faraway Isle)
  • The Rat(Broken City) & The Stallion(Crossroads)
  • The Rope(Crossroads) & The Explorer(Faraway Isle)
  • The Crow(Crossroads) & The Beggar(Crossroads)
  • The Flame(Crossroads) & The Pit(Faraway Isle)
  • The Hut(Crossroads) & The Trap(Crossroads)
  • The Old Woman(Crossroads) & The The Witch(Killing Fields)
  • The Hound(Crossroads) & The Hunter(Killing Fields)
  • The Stag(Faraway Isle) & The Boar(Killing Fields)
  • The Shell(Faraway Isle) & The Ghost(Killing Fields)
  • The Ship(Faraway Isle) & The River(Faraway Isle)
  • The Beast(Faraway Isle) & The Worm(Killing Fields)
  • The Lance(Killing Fields) & The Squire(Killing Fields)
  • The Knight(Killing Fields) & The Shield(Killing Fields)

List of unpaired Celestials/Heraldrics

  • The Tyrant(Broken City)
  • The Gate(Broken City)
  • The Road(Crossroads)
  • The Jackal(Faraway Isle) – Prime and Heraldic of Anbara
  • The Lion (Faraway Isle) – Heraldic of Khemera(double check, Manticore)
  • The Dragon(Killing Fields – Prime & Heraldic of Shiara
  • The Sword(Killing Fields) – Heraldic of Volbrect

Additional list of primes provided by Swift

  • Ivy
  • Deer
  • Storm
  • Tree
  • Owl
  • Snake
  • Cricket
  • Bat

Additional information on The Flame and The Pit

Aspects of the Flame

  • Spark
  • Raging Inferno
  • Campfire
  • Hearth

Aspects of the Pit

  • Open Grave
  • Precipice
  • Abyss
  • Void

Extra information about the shade.

Normally we enter the shade via side tunnels and little tricks to get in between the realms. There is in fact a main gate to the shade located in a place called the pool of fire. This is also near one of the ancient Altiesh cities Vahatesh I do believe. If ever you are doing something involving the pool of fire please let Swift know so that I can make sure that the information gets out about what we find out.