Event Teaser Spring 1217

As the world of Rues begins to recover from Ravvin’s Perdition and the Night of Guardian’s Glory, there are now some days that pass without them being mentioned. Some folk, in the luckier parts of the world, can look around and not be confronted with the aftermath of war. However, most of Rues still shows the scars, the chasms in the ground, the reconstructed buildings, the piles of rubble and waste, the number of people wearing mourning tokens, and the beasts and Undead that still wander. For these folk, and for all who remember, tales of hope and humanity are welcome. The Ballad of Black Light is particularly popular, recounting the tale of Vayros Black, from whom the ray of light came during the pitched battle against Ravvin. There are also tales of the Harriers, the fearless exploration and skirmish group that has kept the quarantine camp on the northern edge of the Byse safe as cures for Heshmet’s plagues are found.

Another tentative sign of peace and normalcy is the reopening of the gate to the Iron Lily, the upscale spa and relaxation bar in Polazzo. Petra Alexander will be opening the gates to those residing in Fortune’s Bend on Saturday, with accommodations for those who prefer to relax in the finest of comforts as well as for those who just want to get drunk on boxed wine.

Of those places most affected by the wandering undead, most of the reports are heavily weighted with appearances of “shambling hordes dragging their legs behind them, brandishing weapons covered with rotting meat in their one arm.” Where these attacks are worst, survivors report seeing a man with intent, a leader with a wound in his chest who seemed to brush off the attacks of even their best warriors.

The already troubled empire was further shaken in the winter by the sudden devastation of a strong imperial family, the Giovanizzi. While those most closely tied to the imperial regime were not directly affected, around one fourth of the family suddenly died on the same day, at almost the same times. No cause has been publicly identified, though those close to the investigation have leaked that it was an arcane affliction. This has caused fear and alarm throughout, and has even spurred some groups to call for a second inquisition into the arcane and those who use it.

Those Giovanizzi who lost their lives were all living or stationed within Anbara and Inlyrico. The Giovanizzi family is deep in mourning and the emperor has issued a public statement of condolences for their great losses.

Sparians and Ereskial have both been spotted traveling to and from the Imperial Bureaucracy at Fort Hawksclaw. They have been close-mouthed about the details of these meetings, but those in the know say that there is a strong chance that Drakkenspar will join the empire. Whispers around the Ereskial meetings are less promising, including demands of sovereignty. Wholly different rumors speak of a new Ereskial City, one functioning outside the previous iron grip of the oligarchy, called Renatus. It is said to be near the underground river, accessible to small vessels. They have made it clear they are open to negotiations and on the lookout for the best trade offers.

Perhaps because of all the other things to watch, there has been little said about the movements of a group calling themselves the Exalted and operating out of the Chappelarie holdings. Members of this group typically wear white emblazoned with the image of hands bound in supplication, with a key and three red drops breaking the chain. Many of the small outlying churches display this symbol along with the symbol of their deity.

From the regency of Volbrecht comes news of a curious law recently passed by the Warlord Regent. While his focus has mostly been on the reconstruction of his Regency and the protection and reclamation of his northern territory, this law seems unrelated and specifies that no Brecht may interfere with a vested clergy of Jormic who is practicing their faith, so long as that practice does not remove bonded or indentured servants from the regularly expected tasks.

Word has spread from Inlyrico around Rues that the Wild Nation is getting their feet back under them as well, though recent council negotiations were disrupted when the Wolf tribe representative walked out, breaking council for the first time since the tribal accords.

Teaser Feb 1216

Emissaries, criers, and bards across Rues have been spreading the news – the joint efforts of the churches, working in union with Fortune’s Bend, have dealt heavy blows to Ravvin’s armies! Even though hordes of monsters remain, songs heralding the defeat of Lord Wyrving, one of Ravvin’s most vicious generals, can be heard in bars and taverns across the empire and even into the Federation. Fortune’s Bend, regarded as the beacon of hope for beleaguered armies and towns, rolls cherished from tongues as the victory is celebrated.

There is no time for rest, though. No one has ever accused the Brechts of their words speaking louder than their actions. Bare days after the imperial princess was recovered from one of their estates, a number of warlords along the northeastern borders of Volbrecht have declared secession. The powerful Weinart, their known bannermen the Zweig, the Waechter, and the Mensch, along with several other weaker warlords and a large number of Krugs, proclaimed in late November that they no longer accept Imperial Rule.

At first treated as a bit of a joke, no one has cracked a smile in recent weeks as the secession remains largely unchallenged. The empire and the Warlord Regent alike are faced with pulling their troops from areas threatened by Ravvin’s armies to mount an invasion, compiled with the recent troop losses to The Reaping. The Brechtish traitors have mustered their own knights into a sizable force that is massing on the southern border of Pyredown.

Princess Bellasara has spoken out strongly against the imperial traitors and expressed gratitude for those troops who occupied Volbrecht to effect a search, and particularly to those of Fortune’s Bend who ultimately returned her to her family. In appreciation she is making an immediate second tour to bolster the overextended imperial troops, and will be making a stop in Fortune’s Bend on the evening of the 20th to show her appreciation for their work. Rumor is that she will attend the evening meal with a small retinue and after the meal will hear petitions from those who live in the neutral town. She has been outspoken against the idea of remaining within the palace for a time, stating that her duty as princess is to lead, and she will lead by example in immediately returning to doing good for the empire after her tribulations at the hands of the traitors.

On the other side of Rues, Shiara continues the slow spiral into chaos. The land traditionally known for its beauty, art, and peace has had trouble upon trouble heaped on their backs for the last few years. Many of their powerful and beloved leaders have been lost to death or sickness, and the fertile earth itself has become blighted in spots, and host to vicious creatures. Amidst these difficulties, the families have fought with each other and the armies of Ravvin have marched. Following the loss of Lord Alomaine Banrion, the young Lord Mason Atasir was often seen at the head of the Shiaran forces. Now he too has been diverted from that protection as he investigates the whereabouts of Lady Juliet Banrion, the current head of the Banrion house.Words of support have come to Shiara from all corners, but none of the regencies have much more than words to offer in these troubled times.

Not everyone is Rues is suffering, of course. In the resort city of Polazzo in Inlyrico the carnival and masquerade season is in full swing. Mid winter is the time that the wealthy and privileged classes vie with each other to hold the most festive and interesting party. Usually the attendance to these swank affairs are limited to the very elite in high society, but rumor has it that this year some messengers have been seen traveling to Fortune’s Bend with bags of invitations.

Teaser April 1216

There has been some minor relief for the small towns of Rues, as Ravvin’s forces seem to be more scarce in some of the outlying regions. However, in addition to the relief it has provided the strategists with a new worry. Where did those forces go? Is Ravvin gathering his monsters somewhere? The largest known force still masses at the border of Inlyrico and Braeus, and it is assumed that at least twenty smaller communities and the larger town of Manarea were completely consumed.

Prospects seem no better in the occupied Underholme, from whence no messenger has arrived, nor scout returned for several weeks. The increased number of Alved serving in the imperial military has proved a great boon for the beleaguered troops of Pyredown and all the towns they protect.

Even as Ravvin moves about, life goes on in Rues. Fields are being opened for planting, seeds are being sown, outfits made and mended just as they have always been. There are still many in the larger cities for whom the forces of Ravvin seem a faraway threat, depressing headlines in the quarterly circular.

Around Fortune’s Bend there has been an increased effort at culture and commerce. Final arrangements have been made to create a gate between the town and the Green Willow tea house in Braeus. The gate will open Saturday afternoon and it will afford the residents of Fortune’s Bend with an alternative location to socialize and dine.

At Pyredown’s border, the traitorous warlords who have defied imperial rule have lost some of their southern border to the knights of Warlord Regent Volkmar and Warlord Baldemaar, but they also have made some progress north into Pyredown. A few small villages have been taken, and reports from those areas observe the flying of a new flag, three black swords on a red field with the words “We do not bend.” They have called it the banner of Weisbaden, the supposed name of their new nation.

The long-time regent of Shiara, Lady Lyrenna Silvia, has stepped down just a few weeks after the equally surprising abdication of her Seneschal DeValco Silvia. With their departure, the Regency of Shiara is left in the hands of Lord Bartolo Dwyre, who served only a few weeks as Lyrenna’s Seneschal before her decision to leave the regency in his hands in favor of a position as a companion for the princess and the emperor’s new Advisor on the Arts and Humanities.

Spring is touching all of Rues, waking up the new world after winter.. Across the two great nations, everyone is holding their breath, hoping that the new world, when it reveals itself, will resemble the old.

Teaser July 1216

Daring Contestants! Avid Spectators! Lucky Gamblers!

The Beautiful and Shining Sun of Anbara, Her Majesty Queen ElSutrah XXIX, wishes to recognize those regencies who have come together in the spirit of unity and kinship in the Munafasa World Games. All peoples of Rues were invited to contribute a cultural competition to the Games, and it with pride that those offerings are now revealed.

In her Generosity, the Unbreakable Lady of Anbara has granted each Cultural offering the honor of being a Spectacle, with grander prizes and greater power to offer to the troops!

The host regental domain of Anbara puts forth their traditional game of Dichotomy as well as the reigning champion of Dichotomy Henyan Gavaskar to challenge those who dare!

Our neighbors to the north offer the Brechtish Handshake, a game of strength of will and arm, in which contestants attempt to force one another’s hand to the table.

Pyredown, seat our our beloved emperor, offers a traditional training exercise known as Banners and Blood, in which teams attempt to infiltrate or storm each other’s stronghold and capture the banner that lies within!

The peoples of the Wild Nation are represented by the game Fleet Fire, in which marksmen attempt to hit their targets while on the move.

The Pure Lands bless the games with Keep ’em Up, in which those who heal will rule the day!

Braeus, famed home of Isou University, offers Knowledge is Power, in which all questions historical and factual are the game, and knowledge is the way to win!

From all the rivers of Rues flows the Vascoll card game known as Coup, in which one may bluff and lie their way into power.

The Eight Great Houses of Shiara, in conjunction with the Shiaran Bardic College, will host the game O Glory Glory, in which historical battles are reenacted, and the ghosts of those battles sometimes appear!

The Federated Kingdom of the Selda’nire, by Her Radiant Majesty’s grace, contribute their cultural contest of First Cut to the Munafasa World Games, in which the contestant with the fastest weapon draw wins!

Under the mountains, the Ereskial engage in a game known as Run or Die, in which contestants may not bring weapons to the arena, but must make do with what they can find on the course. In the spirit of unity, they have offered this game to the lineup for World Games!

And last, the wandering people of the sand, collectively called the Merdahd’i, have arranged a whimsical hunting game called Finders Keepers in which players, through the course of the day, must locate all the items on a list.

All bless Her Majesty, whose wisdom and magnanimity has brought such Spectacles to our eyes!

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O Glory Glory (Battle Reenactment)
Face Off (NPC Impersonation Contest)
Dichotomy (Othello vs. the Champion)
Off Limits (Traps and Locks mod- no particular header needed)
Have It and Eat It (Dessert Competition))

3. Teaser Oct 1211

In the intervening months Rues has been aflame with debate, fiery sermon, and Crusade. The only land that has been quiet is that of the “Wild Nation”. They have begun settling in for the winter; a winter they predict to be harsh and tumultuous. The Empire and Federation have been discussing the Proposal for Decency put forth by Brother Parvell Keene of Inlyrico. Both nations have also been in deep and often heated discussion regarding the future legal status of Fortune’s Bend and which nation will claim ultimate ownership. Talk throughout the land is that of war. Young men and women have left their homes to join the Crusade against the blaspheming Al’tiesh.

Inlyrico, with its churches in support, is calling for the ratification of the Proposal for Decency. If ratified it would require all artistic endeavors to be passed through the church for review and, if deemed necessary, censorship. It has been met with secular opposition and the time of decision is soon at hand.

The Church of Istarum has called upon its militant faithful to rid the land of the Al’tiesh, once and for all. Once the call of Crusade went out the other churches quickly followed suit and joined with the Church of Istarum. What started with a sermon quickly turned into a full scale operation. There are no longer any places for the Al’tiesh to hide.

The Al’tiesh have concentrated their number and started a bloody push for Fortune’s Bend. The military minds of the Crusade are confused by their seemingly suicidal march. Why would such a potent foe choose to push for the taking of ground which would allow their enemy to surround them completely?

Lastly, the Damiano Family has made a substantial donation to the various churches as well as to the tavern within Fortune’s Bend in appreciation of all of the hard work the heroes have done in combatting the Twin Demon Threat. No adventurer within Fortune’s Bend will have to pay for tithing or food this gathering thanks to the generosity of the esteemed Damiano Family.

5. Teaser Jan 1212

The winter in Fortune’ Bend has been mild, and yet the silence of the season reigns just as though the land were frozen. An eerie, cold aura has settled around the “miracle town” since the autumn, turning away visitors and making the livestock weak in their pastures. The faint purple glow of the Moth Gate’s protection has grown, swallowing all but the temples and a few other points into the pervasive stillness. Those who have come away say that Fortune’s Bend has the feeling of a pause in conversation, an entire area just waiting for something to break the silence.

The stillness there is punctuated by the rest of Rues, which has exploded with the recent political and philosophical conflicts. Justicier Berin Algulin has stated that nothing short of his own death will postpone the trial of Iyar Sende even one day more, and those fighting for or against the Proposal for Decency have become rabid in their support of their cause. Inlyrico has unwillingly become the stage for many of these conflicts in the wake of their decision to adopt the Proposal as regency law. Renegade troupes have been spotted all over Inlyrico, masked and costumed actors who rush into an area, perform some part of a play, poem, or song that has been banned by the Chappelarie, and just as quickly depart. The response from Inlyrico has been to set the Rose Knights to guard the most popular borders and gatehouses, searching all who pass through and detaining those who have implements of the entertainer’s trade. It is said that in particular, bards and friars have nearly disappeared from the regency streets.

From the nearby Imba’nire Forest,stories of a rising threat have been carried out by the missionaries and traders who travel the Wild Nation’s home. They have reported that some of the nomadic nation’s villages have been hit hard by a mysterious, monstrous army that sweeps in and kills everything in sight with as much carnage as possible. Elders within the forest say that the bodies of the dead are joining the armies that kill them.

It is said that Turning Day, a holiday of Garioch in which the old year is put aside for the new, will bring changes to all things. Indeed, only a few days after this holiday passed, a shocking rumor began to leak from Fort Firetol. The usual “unnamed sources” claimed that the new gem of the empire, the little town of Fortune’s Bend, may have intentions to secede from its all-powerful parent. Thus far the rumor seems confined to the capital and immediate surroundings while politicos of every stripe try to verify the truth of it. The only certainty is that there has been no official word from the palace one way or another.

6.Teaser April 1212

After a mild winter in much of Rues, the lands are buzzing with new life and the promise of a prosperous spring. Purple fields of Evelyn Eyes are popping up throughout the lands of Inlyrico and crops throughout the various regencies are being prepared as the climate rises. Spring may be bringing in warmer breezes and soft rains, but it’s not the only climate that has been changing lately.
There is a growing tension in the aftermath of the Iyar Sende trial. Skirmishes between those in favor of the Proposal for Decency and those against have been reported along the roads. In this midst of this political hotbed, Braeus has finally offered a voice in defense of Shiara. There have been no reports of reactions from the other regencies to date.

While conflicts rise in Inlyrico, forces from the Imperial Army have been seen moving closer to Fortunes Bend. It has been said that discussions involving the both the Empire and the Federation have taken place with the denizens of Fortune’s Bend. The rumors of the town’s “secession” remain unverified.

Reports of undead forces growing are coming from the Imba’nire Forests. Because of their diminishing numbers, those of the Wild Nation are slowly losing their territories to the monstrous armies that are sweeping across the lands. With the growing threat, the Empire has been reported to have offered their support; however, it appears that Wild Nation leaders have continually declined aid. Missionaries and traders still brave enough to travel the lands say that the situation has become “desperate”.

Those who frequent the woods outside of Fortune’s Bend have said that “natural anomalies” have been found recently moving in large numbers and have been aggressive when in close proximity. Few travelers have been seriously injured; however, some lesser traveled roads and paths have become increasingly difficult to pass. This has put a minor damper in commerce surrounding Fortune’s Bend and has slowed down some progress at various archeological dig sites.

Within the little town is an anomaly of a different kind. A rift opened in the earth outside the guild hall, awash in faint light. Those who came near the rift reported hearing faint moans and wails, even sometimes names being called from within the darkness. However, the mysterious rift has not yet revealed its origins or purpose to those brave enough to wander close.

Teaser Jan 1213

There has been little heard from the Miracle town of Fortune’s Bend since the early winter, and the area seems gripped in a strange, sad silence. Amidst the oddness, news has come from Inlyrico that the High Patriarch of Severrin, Aaron Hawthorne, will be arriving with his entourage in the little town on the first night of the new month. The High Patriarchs do not often have time to travel, and many are wondering what new honor the citizens of the little town have earned to receive a personal visit from the most holy of Severrin’s faithful. Despite the rarity of the High Patriarch’s public appearances, it has been made known that he will accept no pilgrims, supplicants or parishioners for the duration nor brook any interruption or delay to his travel.

All over Rues the land is in the grip of the harshest winter in recent record. Even the hardiest crops that would normally defy the cold have been succumbing to frost and starved earth. The cold is unrelenting and the farmers have commented that this years frosts seem somehow malicious, and the winds angry. Many of the smaller villages are experiencing food shortages, and those with no outside resources are near to starvation. Frostbitten refugees from these tiny towns have been found shivering their way down the hard-packed roads, seeking help for their hometowns.

It was rumored in the summer that the emperor had blessed the union of a young noble couple, the first blessing given by the new emperor. Not much was known at the time, but now the announcement has spread like wildfire from Pyredown. The union of Godrick Dwyre and Nassra Dwyre, an imperial blessing on their union, will take place in May when the world wakes up from the long winter. Invitations have gone out far and wide, welcoming people to the Banrion Summer Home in Pyredown to see the two families join as one. Spring is the time of new beginnings, and the political world is buzzing with rumors and theories, wondering if the marriage will even take place or if the intended will end up as star-crossed lovers in warring regencies.

A more quiet announcement was made as well, and many are watching to see how the churches will react. The emperor has created a new Advisory position, that of Arcane Advisor to His Imperial Majety, to be the guide on all matters arcane. The honor of this new position falls first on the shoulders of Katarina Musaphi, who hails from a respected family in Braeus. This marks a new level of acceptance for the arcane within Rues, a prospect that is met with eagerness by some and trepidation by others. No matter how their opinion falls on the arcane, many believe it to be a risky move for a relatively young and unestablished emperor.

Teaser May 1213

Despite being in the waning months of Spring you wouldn’t quite know it. Rain has been falling steadily for the past week now. Like the weather, the news around Rues is of mostly a dreary hue with but scant bright spots shining through the grey haze cast across the heavens.

Plague has come suddenly to the land showing no regard for mortal boundaries. It has no known cure, cares not for age or gender, and strikes with no discernible pattern. The common folk have taken to calling it the Emerald Pox on account of the sickly green pustules which can be found on the corpses of its victims. The Church’s response has been to send in well-armed troops to investigate.

What news comes out of the Wild Nation is particularly dire. With each passing month the death toll rises as the Undead which have amassed within the Imba’nire Forest gain more ground. While no single Tribe has been wiped out Crow Tribe has suffered some staggering losses. No one has been able to uncover where they are coming from or what motivates them to slaughter the people of the forest. Some scholars have started to hypothesize that at the current estimated rated of death the Wild Nation will not survive the coming Winter without some sort of aid.

The bright, sunny ray of hope at this time is the upcoming wedding of Godrick and Nassra Dwyre, of the Inlyrican and Shiaran Dwyre’s respectively. The wedding will take place at 3 PM on Saturday at the Pyredown Estate of Lord Alomaine Banrion of Shiara. All residents of Fortune’s Bend are welcome to attend. Feel free, but not obligated, to bring a gift.

One last note…word has spread around Fortune’s Bend that all mages, and those aspiring to learn magic, are welcome to attend a gathering upon the uppermost floor of the Tavern directly after breakfast on Saturday morning.

Teaser Aug 1213

Heat and harvest provide the backdrop for the news from the churches that has shocked the whole of Rues. Stemming from the church of Severrin, all of the faiths have given warning that Ravvin, an angel of Severrin, has been sent to test the people of Rues. Many forces, most notably the Chappelarie, have stepped forth with statements on what has caused this test, and how pious individuals might pass it. Rumors have filtered in that the ripples have hit the emperor as well, who is under pressure to end the Age of Piety and announce the beginning of a new age.

Other whispers heard across Rues have come whispers of a another problem. The arcane community is shrinking and many of the more vocal members have claimed that they are under attack. Other voices have chimed in with suspicion, citing that the last time this many arcanists disappeared, it was followed by unprecedented destruction.

Distraught missionaries report that situation in the Wild Nation remains bleak, though all imperial offers of aid have been turned down. With no other recourse, many are looking to the neutral people of Fortune’s Bend whose offer of assistance has been accepted.

On the political scene, there is some cause for celebration as in the wake of a political wedding, Shiara and Inlyrico have arranged for several of their ranking members to meet and discuss the problems that threaten both of their regencies, most particularly the tests of Ravvin. There has been no talk of addressing the Proposal for Decency or other factors contributing to their original fracture, but most people in the know are happy that they are speaking at all.

Rising in the wake of the successful ceremony are a rash of wedding announcements including the recent marriage of Lord Mason Atasir to Lady Elizabeth Rojeur, the betrothal of Lady Faeda Garvin to Lord Daschel Rojeur, and most prominently, the Lady Regent Mira Onnathea of Inlyrico and Brother Parvell Keane of the Council of Regents have set the date of their wedding for the first day of fall

In addition, Isou University has made a deal with the miracle town of Fortune’s Bend to open a university annex a few miles outside the town. Denizens of the town will be able to reap the benefits of the university’s resources and attend special classes offered at the annex. It also ensures that the archaeological finds in and around the town are given the expert care and analysis that they deserve. All those interested are invited to attend the grand opening of the university annex at four o’ clock in the afternoon on Saturday.

Each person who regularly travels to Fortune’s Bend, or lives there, or is arriving there during the Late Summer Gather, will have the following dream:

You are flames surrounded by darkness, each of you distinct, but together making up the brightest point of light in a twisted landscape. Portions of it look familiar: the mountains rising; the craggy broken land to the west; the uncertain soft ground in the northeast; hot wind kicking up black sand in the south; and dark islands of calm in a swirling ocean. These and more are tickle at your senses, but you find your focus is squarely on yourself, the flickering light.

From all around spring tiny purple moths, unfolding themselves from the bark of the blackened trees, crawling out from dark puddles. They shake off the darkness and fly, flitting among you. Bouncing around between them is a voice, strong and resonant.
“You have come to this gate and claimed the land around it as your own. You have won it, and protected it. You have kept it apart from the iron grip of the Al’tiesh and the well-meaning hands of your allies. You have gathered six seals and bound them to vital places with your will.
In the tavern you have bound the Dagger of the Void, the weapon carried by my daughter and used to tear open a hole between worlds.
In the Hearth you have bound the Spiritstone of the Abandoned, the burden carried by those who grieve.
In the temple of the Keeper you have bound a thing I cannot see, but feel to be mine.
In the temple of the Omniscient you have bound the Shackles of the Sworn, for an obligation that can not be left behind.
In the temple of the Shepherd you have bound the Lost Gauntlet, the will to overcome.
Upon the river docks you have bound the Mask of Atravene, one who forsook my world for yours.

“But a seventh seal remains, one that you will earn if you are strong enough to be the warders of this place. To do this is to protect the sanctity of death, to prevent the abuse of a Shade fulcrum, to defend the purity of holy ground,.. to balance the world so that it does not sunder. No normal gathering of the Purposed Races could accomplish this, so you must be more than that. To succeed, you must become all that you are capable of and help those around you to do the same. Tonight, we will see if there is even the faintest hope.

“You will face a test of my design. Your faith and your loyalties will only be welcome here if they are truly yours. To make a place for them, you must destroy what place they had and reestablish it within the pact. I will provide you with the avenue to do this, but you must conquer the challenge. On the first night that you all gather, a guide will appear to lead you to the fight, and to know what must be done. During this challenge, my gate will close. If you should fall, you will instead approach my gate, where the Moth of the Gate will tend to your spirit.

“To pass these challenges you must identify yourselves in five groups, as even as can be, whose members represent the diverse nature of this town. Too many from one faith, one coterie, one nation, one race, will weaken them.

“If you succeed, our pact is sealed and those who stay within its boundaries will be expected to abide by it. Your place as warders will be cemented, and you will be known by all nations and faiths as such. If you succeed, you will have a chance to put things right again. If you fail, I will find those strong enough to succeed.”

The voice fades out, and the flitting moths, one by one, draw too close to your flames and are burned away.